Dallas Lasik Surgery

After coming to the decision to improve your eye sight through the LASIK Vision Correction procedure, there are a few steps to help ease you, and your eyes, through the weeks, days, and day of the surgery. These pre-LASIK, Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, steps will need to be followed not only to help the process along, but also to protect your sight; this all begins with the pre-LASIK Eye Examination, to first evaluate the patients viability as a LASIK candidate. Pre-LASIK Eye Exam In the distant pre-surgery phases, the pre-LASIK eye examination helps the doctor gauge the patient as a candidate for the LASIK procedure. This exam consists, mainly, of six parts that seek to evaluate if the patients ocular curvature is conducive to the procedure (unstable curvature can result in tears and vision problems post surgery). Also, the eyes dryness is measured; LASIK always causing temporary dryness, but patients with chronic dry eyes may have problems with the surgery. The initial exam should include: o Dilated exam to check for ocular irregularities o Refractive error measurement o Pupil and corneal thickness measurements o Corneal topography map o Tear function analysis o Discussion of medical history, lifestyle, and expectations Weeks before the LASIK Procedure
The success or failure of the LASIK surgery is dependant on the shape or curvature of the cornea, as earlier mentioned. Because the wearing of contact lens reshapes your eye to the desired wearer’s prescription, this affects the corrective shape, refractive error, of the eye for LASIK. The guidelines for wearing contact lens’ pre-LASIK vision correction surgery are as follows: o No wearing of soft contact lenses for at least two weeks before to LASIK surgery o No wearing of gas permeable contact lenses for at least three weeks prior to LASIK surgery o No wearing of hard contact lenses for at least four weeks prior to LASIK surgery. Day before the LASIK Procedure The day prior to surgery, patients should follow three guidelines before going forth with the LASIK vision correction surgery: o Stop using any makeup, lotions, perfumes, or creams that may cause unwanted particles to get into the eye. o Patients should arrange post-surgery transportation as it may take several days to adjust to the change in their vision. o Surgeons may request patients thoroughly wash their eyes to prevent any chance of infection. Day of the LASIK Procedure If you are not feeling well the morning of your surgery, notify the doctor’s office to determine if the procedure needs to be postponed. Before visiting the surgeon, eat a light meal and remember not to wear any make up or apply any lotion, perfumes, or creams or clothing that might interfere with the surgeon’s ability to move or navigate during the operation. There will be another measurement of the eye taken the day of the surgery, to make sure the eye meets the curvature requirements taken prior. The LASIK surgeon will go over the details of the operation again, covering the points of the operations and informing you, and who you are with, about the requirements of the surgery. Anesthetic and possibly anti-anxiety medication will then be administered.
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